Tooth and Nail

The biggest burden in life is family. Don't let anyone tell you different.

My name is Shyla Crowe, and I'm in hock to a demon I never met. My father started me off early, robbing magical antiquities from rich bastards. Thieving was the family business, and business was humming.

Until my father got himself dragged to the pits of Hell. Now the only thing staving off his eternal torment is a monthly cash delivery to my new devil employer.

Fortunately, not all hellions are evil, and thanks to an old family grimoire, I have the power to summon them. So I'm flush with enemies, sure, but I also have a few friends, like a furry know-it-all gremlin and my staunch gargoyle familiar.

Summoning, like thieving, is about tools, technique, and team, and I've got them in spades. So it's only a matter of time until I work my father free.

It's a good plan until the discovery of an ancient relic uncovers a sinister plot, rigged from the start. Turns out, I'm not fighting for my freedom... I'm fighting for my destiny.

Hell and High Water

You think your boss is a hard-ass... Mine's from the pits of Hell.

My name's Shyla Crowe and I'm a procurement specialist. That's a fancy way of saying I steal things. I'm also a demon summoner, and... well... there's nothing fancy about that.

You need to watch yourself around hellions. Case in point: I'm currently paying for my father's sins. The Angel of the Abyss has me firmly under his thumb, profiting from my dishonest work. Millions of dollars and score after score aren't enough to sate his ambition.

Now his eyes are on a new prize, and pulling off the heist will take the combined efforts of my team and then some... In from the cold walks Cisco Suarez, a necromancer with an ax to grind. As if my troubles aren't bad enough, he thinks I owe him.

I'm a practical gal so the plan's simple. Keep the boys from butting heads and hope neither of them gets me killed... or worse. Hell is, after all, notorious for inspired punishment.