Pixar Storytelling Tip #13

Welcome to my series on Pixar’s now-famous 22 Rules of Storytelling. I don’t religiously follow all of these like they’re story commandments, but I do happen to agree with many of them. I thought it might be fun to examine why and explain what each means to me. You can start at the beginning here.

It’s easy to fall for the trap of trying to create a protagonist with no faults. He never gets mad at anyone for no reason. She never makes mistakes. He’s smart and strong. She’s brave and humble.

But you know what? Little faults add up to a personality. Quirks are memorable. In striving too hard to not offend anybody, you’re likely not to be noticed by them.

Honestly, this is a great tip for life. Have an opinion. Shout it out. Pick a side. Once you entice a reaction, you’ll realize that you’ve gained an audience.

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