Pixar Storytelling Tip #2

Welcome to my series on Pixar’s now-famous 22 Rules of Storytelling. I don’t religiously follow all of these like they’re story commandments, but I do happen to agree with many of them. I thought it might be fun to examine why and explain what each means to me. You can start at the beginning here.

This one might rub some people the wrong way, but it’s not about pandering to your audience. Some business people will tell you that there’s nothing wrong with selling out and giving readers what they want, no matter how little the subject interests you. Again, that whole ethical conversation can be avoided here, because this tip is more about being true to yourself.

There is a difference between Writer-Me and Reader-Me. I think it’s fun to write music lyrics. I imagine some famous authors, like John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, thought the same. However, I pretty much hate having to read some silent song that a writer has come up with, especially if it’s long and intricate.

That there’s a disconnect between Writer-Me and Reader-Me. This tip is just about paying attention to the right one. Don’t pander, but write something that you’ll like. If you don’t appreciate your work, how can you expect others to?

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