The Dub-Step Beat of a Different Drummer

I don’t usually post reader reviews on my blog, but after a successful GoodReads giveaway for Shade City, Rick Hunter gave me a great one. I thought it was so personal and meaningful that I had to repost it here.

Once my attention was finally turned to this novel, I could not put it down. I have a predilection for supernatural, sci-fi, and similar genre work, which is why I wanted to read this in the first place. That and the snazzy cover that caught my eye on the giveaway page. Stories that deal with the supernatural are anything but new. So, it is rare to find something new and inventive that is actually worth adding to the mythos that is supernatural fiction. Clove cigarettes laced with sage are used as weapons in this novel. In addition to the clove cigarettes, Mr. Finn also gives his character Dante a unique way to sense evil spirits and a very unique way to communicate with one of his main allies. (Not gonna find any spoilers in this review). It is sad that in today’s literature that for every good idea like the ones mentioned above we all to often end up with crap like sparkly vampires and an inordinate amount of love triangles. Today’s market is flooded with copy/paste stories about a lead female torn between two lovers that can be inserted into pretty much any kind of genre by the myriad of writers too damned lazy or not talented enough to make something up on their own. The fact that Domino Finn marches to the beat of a different drummer, one with a dub step beat I might add, makes his novel stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Lots of time great concepts or ideas are undone by poor execution when put in motion. A writer might have a great idea but the real magic happens when the words are put onto paper or in today’s times an electronic screen. Domino Finn does not suffer in this regard. His story is well paced and I really enjoy the verbiage he uses. The way that Dante speaks in the novel reminds me of me and my friends. I really connected to Dante and could see myself hanging out with him. Therefore, I was emotionally invested in the character from the start. Not only did the writer’s voice make me connect to the main character, it also is made me feel like I was actually there witnessing the events of the story as they unfolded. I could vividly see each person that Dante met along his journey and almost taste the smog in the air as we traveled around the City of Angels.

Upon finishing the book, I have already passed it along to my sister. When she is done, I have a friend or two that I would like to get to read it. I’m all in for another trip back to the Dead Side or anywhere else Domino Finn’s writing leads me. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any new releases from Mr. Finn in the future. I’m always down for some good escapist fun, as long as football isn’t on anyways.



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