The Green Children

The Sycamore Moon series is a mash-up of detective fiction, outlaw action, and fantasy/horror elements such as witches and werewolves. I’ll talk more about the series later when Book 2 launches, but first I want to give readers an update on Book 3, The Green Children.

Outlines are important to me. Stories needs to simmer and transform for a few weeks before they find their direction. The Green Children is about a series of child abductions, the paralyzing panic of family, and the horrifying aftermath. Of course, it wouldn’t be Sycamore Moon without a fantasy element, but I’ll reserve that for a future post.

I’m now full steam ahead with the first draft. 21k words so far, just getting to the really good part. With my workflow, this draft will be complete by Christmas, but it will still require many rounds of revision.

Hopefully that’s enough of a sneak peek at the future. I’ll do more promoting of the series in general this holiday season, and I might even throw an extra surprise your way.

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