Black Magic Outlaw Side Story Roundup

Most Cisco Suarez fans have read the 5 books in the main series, but there are 3 short stories in the wild you may have missed. Let’s go over them and where to read them.

DEAD MAN (Book 1)



-> Side Story #1 – The Black Door

Cisco investigates an underground magic club. While technically taking place after Book 3, this story is meant as an alternate introduction to the series as a whole and contains no spoilers to the main plot. The Black Door is *only* available by joining my mailing list, here.

-> Side Story #2 – The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion

Discover how the the Covey that took on Cisco was formed. This story takes place 10 years before the series ever started but is best read after learning who several of the key players are. After Book 3 is a great place if you want a breather, or just wait until you finish the complete series. The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion is only available as part of the Simon & Schuster anthology, Urban Enemies.



-> Side Story #3 – The Currency of Death

Cisco is asked a favor by the police and ends up needing to ask a few favors of his own. This story takes place after the events of Book 5 and should be read in order. The Currency of Death is available in the indie anthology, Fire Kissed.

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