Mic Check

This isn’t really the beginning.

You don’t just get in front of the microphone without knowing what you’re going to say. I’ve been working at this for a while already.

To skip the all too familiar story, I’ve probably spent longer on my novel than I should have. I could’ve clocked longer days, worked weekends, sold my TV, and otherwise forced my inspiration into high gear. But none of that is important. Not now.

The only thing that matters now is the great accomplishment, the proud moment when I can proclaim from on high that ‘my novel is complete.’

All of the hours, days, and months that led to this moment are behind me. ‘Real writers WRITE,’ they say. ‘THAT’S the hard work.’ ‘Talking about writing is time wasted.’ And it really is. At least until it’s time to publish the finished product. Then you have to say something.

So I did the hard work. Talking to the world should be the easy part. But it’s not automatic. I need to start somewhere. A lone blog post. A single tweet. Empty social media profiles. They are all just mic checks before the sellout show.

The stage is new but this act has been a long time coming.

This isn’t really the beginning.

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