Supernatural Crime Thriller

After much deliberation, this is the genre I’ve settled on for my new novel. I’ll be announcing the book and release date over the coming week but for now I just wanted to take a moment to address customer expectations.

Genres are not rigid constraints but they do instantly communicate to readers what should be expected from the book. Personally, my style is to buck convention and try to do things differently, which is why I like to avoid overused clich├ęs. Still, there is a mutual benefit when the right reader finds the right author that can’t be ignored.

My new novel is one part police procedural, one part thriller, and one part supernatural sci-fi. In short, it is a crime mystery driven by a detective, which also happens to involve werewolves. Rather than going against genre expectations, I feel that this is more of a mash-up. That means I need to please thriller fans by not being too fantastical and also please sci-fi fans with a flair of something more than the mundane.

Specifically, it means I need to deliver certain elements that my readers will want. Crime and investigation are the main drivers of the story, and that is an intricate, twisty road that I hope is enjoyable. The werewolves are central to the narrative but the real focus is on the human side of the characters and their motivations. In these ways, I hope to hit all the bases.

Supernatural Crime Thriller, to me, conveys the feeling of my novel. The upcoming cover reveal should show the same.

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