IndieReCon 2014

I wasn’t paying attention to the self-publishing scene all that much last year, when the first annual IndieReCon took place. I have no idea what the ‘Re’ stands for- I am assuming it is Indie Reader’s Conference- but it is being promoted as being targeted to indie writers.

I’ve worked in the video game industry in Los Angeles for a decade, and some of the most fun times of being a part of that community were the conferences I attended. A convention, virtual or otherwise, is a great way to network with peers, keep abreast with the latest changes to the industry, and overall improve your craft. I hope to make the most of the 3-day event (2.25-2.27).

They have a great line-up of notable indie speakers and a jam-packed schedule. I only hope it doesn’t interfere with my writing and editing (too much).

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