On Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

This article is bonus content for The Seventh Sons. It is meant to be read after you’ve enjoyed the book, and may contain spoilers.

Arizona is the type of state that many people have an incorrect impression of. The south side of the Grand Canyon, for example, is much more forested than people imagine. All kinds of wildlife- deer, wolves, elk- roam the protected forests.

Just an hour and a half south of Grand Canyon Village is Flagstaff, Arizona. While the majority of Seventh Sons takes place in the fictional town of Sanctuary (and the forests and plains of Greater Sycamore), Flagstaff is the anchor city. Its high elevation means the area is much cooler than many would expect from Arizona, but the statistics might shock you. Flagstaff gets more annual snowfall than Boston! Because of the warmer climate and constant sun, however, much of it melts off quickly.

One of the reasons the Flagstaff area inspired me so much was the combination of wooded areas, plains, deserts, and wide open roads. What more perfect place is there for a biker gang of werewolves? The road is used as a metaphor a lot in the novel, not only hinting at the drive that takes us from place to place, but also the final destination.

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    Really enjoyed the post and the thoughts behind the setting of The Seventh Sons of Sycamore. Great idea to provide bonus content for readers. Looking forward to following your blog!

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      Thanks! It’s a new thing I’m trying out. I really like the idea so far. If my website’s not interesting to my readers, then what’s the point?

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    What it is about motorcycles and werewolves? So many authors put them together….. interesting.

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      Well, the Arizona sun would be tough on vampires! As far as motorcycles, maybe it’s the pack mentality?

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    Thanks Domino, what a great post. Thanks for the great pics too. It looks like an intriguing place. You’re right – I always imagined Arizona to be dry – you learn something new everyday! I would love to tour the US one day…

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      Yes! Roadtrip across the US. It’s my dream too.

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    I’d always imagined Arizona to be dry. A werewolf motorcycle gang sounds intriguing! It’s the first time I’ve come across that idea.

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    I love the northern part of Arizona, but am not a fan of the southern part. I do better with cooler weather. You mentioned the road being a metaphor for The Seventh Sons. It helps to have one of the main stops on Route 66 serve as inspiration. Great area and I love the pictures you’ve posted.

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      Thanks. You’re right, the mountains really change up the northern part of the state.

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    I love Arizona. We went there some years ago and saw wonderful things.

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      It really did surprise me.

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    Nice, I live in NM and when I was moving from LA I drove through Arizona, we took the scenic route and got to enjoy a lot of what you wrote about. Great post.

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      Nice! It gets a lot more boring driving through the desert of California! The sequel has the characters going into New Mexico a bit, although I don’t know too much about the state.

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    What a setting! Great post. I’ve never been to that part of the country and really want to go, especially now that you’ve gave me a little more info!

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    Domino, I especially loved your post. Mostly because I’m from Arizona and of course I LOVE Flagstaff. I will definitely have to pick The Seventh Sons of Sycamore now!!

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      Flagstaff left a large impression on me when I visited. I can’t wait to go back!

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