The Music of The Dead Side Blues

This article is bonus content for Shade City: The Dead Side Blues. It is meant to be read after you’ve enjoyed the book, and may contain spoilers.

Music plays a crucial role in movies and television. It is said to drive the emotion. In books, however, the mention of a song is much less impactful.

Still, the music a character listens to can be an interesting insight into their personality. Why not, then, revisit the bands mentioned in The Dead Side Blues?

Daft Punk

Shade City begins, appropriately enough, in a packed nightclub. Dante hunting ghosts in public is a premise that is made possible by the chaotic absurdities of nightlife. Techno has fast become synonymous with masses of dancers, and finding the anomaly in that crowd is the difficult task he performs every week.

She Wants Revenge

There’s something about She Wants Revenge that’s dark, dangerous, and sexy. The constant, driving beats are unrelenting. They force you to bob your head. Make you want to dance. Make you move. This uneasiness, this edginess, is a very significant aspect of the nightlife. It showcases its allure while also remaining as a warning.

Silversun Pickups

This is your classic indie rock band, updated for new sensibilities. Their latest album is dissonant yet catchy. Deep. Engaging. There’s an epic build-up to their songs. A sense of purpose. All these reasons create the perfect driving music. A car, open road, and the volume on high- that’s all you need to accomplish anything. Dante likewise plays this album on his final stake out, preparing for the climax of the book.

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