Project Zero: Pre-Vis

So I thought it might be fun to publicize one of my future projects. My first priority is finishing the revisions on my WIP novel so I can send it to the editor. Then, naturally, I’m going to start outlining the sequel to The Seventh Sons of Sycamore. But there’s something else on the backburner of my mind.

I see the success of some authors like Joe Hart who have given away short stories for free. And I’m like, why don’t I do that? While I do have a couple of stories completed that I am very proud of, they don’t really fit into my brand of “Urban Fantasy Thrillers”. So I need to write something new. Why?

I want to offer a short story that is representative of my novels to give fans a FREE peek into my style.

So, this is Project Zero. And in the spirit of SPP Fiction Unboxed, I’m going to make the process public on my blog.

My initial step is what I consider Previsualization. I want to basically come up with the idea of the story. VERY IMPORTANT to this process is setting goals. So here they are.

Goals of Project Zero

1) Compelling short story that will draw an audience and act as a funnel for my books. An ‘Episode 0’, if you will.

2) Representative of my two novels. While Project Zero is NOT a prequel to either, its will have elements reflected from those works.

3) Establish my author brand. This short story will be used to introduce my genre and announce myself to the world.

I write supernatural thrillers. My second (unannounced) novel is a straight up Urban Fantasy. So Project Zero will follow suit. I’m going to set it in Los Angeles and feature an undercover cop looking into supernatural killings. The detective mystery portion will be evocative of Seventh Sons, but the setting and supernatural element (ghosts) will mirror my new novel.

That’s all for now. Like I said, I need to finish editing that second novel first. I’ll update you on Project Zero in a couple of weeks.

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