Wrapping Up Production

I’m working overtime to conclude the production phase of my Work-In-Progress. I have a cover commissioned, I think I found myself an editor, and I am busily finishing my final copy edit pass.

Copy editing is slow going. I look at two main things:

1) The flow of each sentence

I want the words to roll off the tongue, not sound confusing, avoid repetition, and be a pleasure to read.

2) The structure and connectivity of the paragraphs

Sentence to sentence flow should be logical, build up emotions, and sequence the story properly.

That’s really it. All the high level theming and scene arcs are done. But it’s a slog to get through all 86 thousand words, and the work requires patience. Let me tell you, I can’t wait to hand this off to an editor, because I’m excited about my next couple of projects.

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