Starting a Sequel

I fear my social media presence this week has been dismal. But you know what? I don’t care. In fact, I’m downright pleased with myself. Because I started writing the Seventh Sons sequel on Tuesday. My word count goal is 2500 a day, and I hit that all four days. That’s over 10k words in a (almost full) week.

This is the rate I want to write books at. That’s 2 months for a completed first draft. Another 2 months for edits and cover design. 3 books a year. I think that’s doable, although it’s a full schedule. It’s not easy. Especially as a perfectionist.

Writing a sequel, specifically, is a new experience for me. I have some thoughts about it that I’ll share soon, but the gist is that sequels are where you really find that characters start to take over and actually exist. It’s easy to see them living real lives independent of me. Maybe it’s because seeing them from different angles makes them more 3-Dimensional. I dunno. But it’s a neat thing to experience.

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