Who likes a good Ghost Story?

Shade City is officially live. The Dead Side Blues is book one of my new urban fantasy series.

Dante Butcher is a twenty-four-year-old programmer living alone in Los Angeles. At least, that’s the part of him people see. He doesn’t tell them he dreams of the Dead Side: a skewed land of past and present inhabited by shades.

Dreams are one thing, but matters are complicated when the dead don’t agree to stay that way. Shades like to drink and smoke and revel in the pleasures of the flesh. They cling to the physical world, but they can’t stand here on their own. They need to attach to something tangible. Usually that means other people.

Possession. It is a means for the dead to hide in plain sight. But Dante Butcher is more than he appears as well. He can see them. The shades. The fakers. And he’s not at all alone either. He’s haunted by the ghost of a murdered little girl who may end up being his only ally. Yet, as Dante gets more involved with the machinations of the dead, he learns one important truth: you can’t trust shades.

I’m very happy with how this project turned out. The pacing is frenetic- at times brash, sentimental, and cool. Dante Butcher gives readers an outsider’s inside perspective of Los Angeles and what lies beneath the surface. I feel it’s an interesting take on ghosts, and how and why they visit our world.

For a limited time, the 314 page novel is at a special launch price of only 99 cents. The paperback is still in the works, but you can pick up a digital copy at these retailers.

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    Looks good. Good luck with the launch.

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      Thanks! I’m sure you know, the real trick is making progress on the next book!

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